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Tue Feb 16 07:00:31 UTC 2021

If you follow the suggested link in the previous post you can download an O'Reilly Nginx book.

One suggestion I have to improve performance is to firewall off all the 'bots. Firewalls are extremely efficient. Start with AWS:

Bots are half the internet traffic, but that includes both bad and good bots. If you are handy with, I suggest blocking OVH. 

Some people block entire countries. 

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On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 07:26:50AM +0530, Jeya Murugan wrote:

Hi there,

> We are using Nginx as a cache server for testing.
> On performing the HTTPS functional and performance test, we could see a
> drastic drop in performance (in HTTPS) compared to HTTP requests.
> Can you please suggest what parameters we can tweak (like connection reuse)
> to get better results? Or Any other suggestions are really helpful.

You're probably more likely to get useful tips if you can show your
starting point, and describe what result you want.
is a few years old, but does include a link to the specific tests that
were done then.

It also has a link to a sizing guide with some numbers when using nginx
as a reverse proxy.

Maybe what you see as "a drastic drop", is normal, if every http request
involves a new from-scratch tls connection?

Good luck with it,

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