Installing dynamic modules when Nginx itself is installed via yum/dnf (Linux)

Phoenix Kiula phoenix.kiula at
Wed Jan 6 00:27:20 UTC 2021

We have a limitation on the server to only install Nginx via DNF. This
currently (as of this date of writing) installs Nginx v1.18.0. We cannot
compile our own Nginx.

I understand that with this we cannot install "static modules" because that
requires the whole of Nginx to be reinstalled. But I'd like to check how we
can install the dynamic modules

   1. Nginx More Headers
   2. Nginx Brotli
   3. Nginx Security Headers

Most lazy suggestions on blogs etc have instructions to either compile
Nginx itself, or they're just plain erroneous. I searched here and couldn't
find a question about these specific modules.

Edit: just to list the nginx modules that are in fact available in my repos

# dnf search nginx-*

Last metadata expiration check: 0:26:34 ago on Mon 04 Jan 2021 10:56:18 PM EST.
============ Name Matched: nginx-* =========
nginx-all-modules.noarch : A meta package that installs all available
Nginx modules
nginx-filesystem.noarch : The basic directory layout for the Nginx server
nginx-mimetypes.noarch : MIME type mappings for nginx
nginx-mod-http-image-filter.x86_64 : Nginx HTTP image filter module
nginx-mod-http-perl.x86_64 : Nginx HTTP perl module
nginx-mod-http-xslt-filter.x86_64 : Nginx XSLT module
nginx-mod-mail.x86_64 : Nginx mail modules
nginx-mod-stream.x86_64 : Nginx stream modules

This is quite a pointless list, sadly.

Welcome any pointers to maintainable ways of installing so that a "dnf
update nginx" will not break the modules.

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