Request Method Using Mixed case letters.

sanjay9999 nginx-forum at
Wed Jan 13 06:07:23 UTC 2021

I would like to allow GET / POST / DELETE methods only. otherwise send 501
response. if ($request_method !~* ^(GET|DELETE|POST)$ ) { return 501 '{
"ver": "1.1.2", "txnid": "", "timestamp": "", "errorCode": "NotImplemented",
"errorMsg": "Request Method is not implemented"}'; }

I am using mixed case letters ( "POSTsss" for request method ) in request
methods. nginx finalized http request to 400 because as per the standard
Request Method is case sensitive. However it shows HTML response with last
line showing "nginx".

Our security team says "you should not disclose web server details in the
response for a request" We have implemented solution to hide server name and

However, in this case control does not reach any of our server/location
block . so that I can override the 400 error.

Please help it out.

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