How to use NGINX as LDAP -> LDAPS forward proxy

Bob Brown bob at
Mon Jan 25 08:35:49 UTC 2021

I have a collection of smallish internal-facing apps sitting on a server.

I have been asked to 'secure' these apps.

The apps currently:
+ provide HTTP service to clients
+ make use of a number of internal SOAP services
+ use LDAP (Active Directory) for user authentication

The various apps are written in Java, Groovy and Python.

Rather than hack each app, I would like to take a more system-based approach and completely interpose nginx between them and the rest of the world: I would like to have the apps ONLY talk to nginx on localhost and have nginx stand in for the apps. All (certificate) management will then be centralised. I assume that nginx will be more efficient at handling SSL/TLS as well...

I believe that I can use nginx (...there seem lots of example materials) to handle:

  *   reverse proxy https(from world) -> http(to localhost) for client access
  *   forward proxy SOAP(over http, from localhost) -> SOAP(over https, to world) with mutual authentication

I am unsure of the LDAP->LDAPS aspect.

Is this possible? Are there any HOWTO documents/pages/blogs/... detailing this?

I have seen very few examples of how this might happen.

I tried to replicate:

This gave me errors about ssl_certificate not being usable at the specific location in the config file. I assume new versions of nginx use a slightly different config file format?

Suggestions/thoughts gratefully received.

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