Nginx Ingress Controller with Prometheus Metrics Issue

William Shaya wshaya at
Thu Jan 28 18:10:06 UTC 2021


I have a Kubernetes cluster and am using the nginx ingress controller.  I have followed the instructions at:

I can see these metrics in Prometheus, however, I DO NOT see:

Workqueue metrics. Note: the workqueue is a queue used by the Ingress Controller to process changes to the relevant resources in the cluster like Ingress resources. The Ingress Controller uses only one queue. The metrics for that queue will have the label name="taskQueue"
*        workqueue_depth. Current depth of the workqueue.
*        workqueue_queue_duration_second. How long in seconds an item stays in the workqueue before being requested.
*        workqueue_work_duration_seconds. How long in seconds processing an item from the workqueue takes.

Any help is determining what the issue is here would be greatly appreciated.  I basically am interested in analyzing the time spent for a request in the ingress controller

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