Using nginx as a HLS reverse proxy with Envoy?

Šimon Tóth happy.cerberus at
Mon Jul 12 08:34:41 UTC 2021


I'm building a demonstration streaming system (for educational purposes -
teaching system design) and I'm trying to figure out whether Nginx can be
used as an HLS reverse proxy in conjunction with Envoy (for sticky load

I have the backend servers that convert RTMP into HLS. Now in front of
that, I want to have an autoscaling pool of reverse proxies that I have
load-balance to using Envoy based on the stream (so that the same stream
ends on the same process if possible).

What I need from Nginx then is 2 things:

   - Correctly proxy HLS streams.
   - Report overload situations to Envoy, so that envoy can bounce to a
   different replica if one gets overloaded.

Is this possible? Any links to documentation or examples would be greatly
appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance,
Simon Toth
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