QUIC and HTTP/3 roadmap blog post

Vladimir Homutov vl at nginx.com
Tue Jul 13 13:14:31 UTC 2021

On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 05:29:15PM +0530, Raminda Subashana wrote:
> Hi Maxim,
> Just tested nginx-quic release and there is a performance issue. I compared
> it with Cloudflare quic experimental release which is based on nginx 1.16.
> It is almost 3 times slower than 1.16. Below config worked for me and it
> never advertised h3-29. if you have specific config file to test appreciate
> if you can share
> server {
>     listen 443 ssl;              # TCP listener for HTTP/1.1
>     listen 443 http3 reuseport;  # UDP listener for QUIC+HTTP/3
>     ssl_protocols       TLSv1.3; # QUIC requires TLS 1.3
>     ssl_certificate     ssl/www.example.com.crt;
>     ssl_certificate_key ssl/www.example.com.key;
>     add_header Alt-Svc 'h3=":443"';   # Advertise that HTTP/3 is available
>     add_header QUIC-Status $quic;     # Sent when QUIC was used
> }

Hi Raminda,

Can you please describe how do you measure performance? What clients do
you use?  Full nginx configuration would be nice to see also.
Do you measure request time or maybe overall throughput or something
else. Any details are appreciated.

Please ensure that for perforamnce tests you use nginx built without debug,
as it produces quite a lot messages if built in debug mode.

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