Server mp4 file larger than 2GB on 32bit system

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Sun Jun 6 16:10:38 UTC 2021


On Sat, Jun 05, 2021 at 08:35:32AM +0000, 王 静凯 wrote:

> I compile a nginx for an 32bit system (ARM).
> When I request a mp4 file which is larger than 2GB then it response with '416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable’.
> The type of max_ranges is ngx_uint_t, I could not set it max than about 2000000000.
> In this situation, I could I server the mp4 file correctly?

The max_ranges directive is to limit the number of ranges in a 
request, which almost always at most one (and just one in the 
request you've showed).  And it is completely unrelated to 416 
errors.  Just leave the default. 

> The ngx_size is set to 4 when I compile nginx.
> So:
> #define NGX_MAX_SIZE_T_VALUE  2147483647
> #endif
> #ifndef NGX_SIZE_T_LEN
> #define NGX_SIZE_T_LEN  (sizeof("-2147483648") - 1)
> #endif
> #define NGX_MAX_OFF_T_VALUE  2147483647
> #endif
> #ifndef NGX_OFF_T_LEN
> #define NGX_OFF_T_LEN  (sizeof("-2147483648") - 1)
> #endif

What does "./configure" output show?  Are you running configure on 
the target system, or tried to cross-compile nginx?

It looks like for some reason nginx wasn't able to find out how to 
instruct your system to use 64-bit off_t.  The most likely reason 
I can think of is an attempt to cross-compile nginx.  Note that 
cross-compiling is not supported and not going to work.  The most 
simple and the only supported solution would be to compile nginx 

Maxim Dounin

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