forward proxy config is causing "upstream server temporarily disabled while connecting to upstream" error

Señor J Onion senor.j.onion at
Mon Mar 1 15:08:08 UTC 2021

Hi Maxim,

> You are trying to connect to an upstream server with an IPv6 
> address, yet your system has no IPv6 addresses configured, so 
> the connection attempt fails.  This is not fatal, as nginx is able 
> to switch to using other addresses of the same server, but 
> probably a configuration error.
> Most likely you want nginx to ignore IPv6 addresses.  To do this, 
> consider using "resolver ... ipv6=off;".  This should prevent 
> nginx from trying to connect to IPv6 addresses, and so 
> corresponding errors will disappear from the error log.

That did it - switching off ipv6! 

Thank you!


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