About the order of execution of the modules.

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Hi there!

Thank you very much for your help!

> It is not clear to me that that "so" statement is true.

I made a stupid mistake. I didn't recompile nginx and my modules when I debugged with GDB, so I thought that "ngx_module_order" wouldn't solve my problem, but when I retested it I found that "ngx_module_order " solved my problem. Thank you.

Here are some minor issues I would like to discuss with you.

> My reading suggests that the "static" module order is "from the
... /configure line, --add-module order", and the "dynamic" module order is
"from the nginx.conf file, load_module order", where the dynamic modules
have the option to list which named modules they should run before.

Is the order of execution of dynamic modules determined by the "load_module" order? Where did you find this? I looked at http://nginx.org/en/docs/ngx_core_module.html#load_module but did not find this statement.

> As the developer, I think that you do not know which stock modules are
But you do know the names of the (current) stock modules.

It seems that some of the stock modules (standard modules) can also be compiled as dynamic modules, e.g. " --with-stream=dynamic", so perhaps I have misunderstood something.

> You will be "after", unless you set your ngx_module_order.

I found out through GDB debugging that my module takes effect before "ngx_http_rewrite_module" if I don't set "ngx_module_order". Perhaps third party dynamic modules are executed before the stock (standard) modules?

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