Possible to make subdomain only accessible through 'embed'

Jore community at thoughtmaybe.com
Wed Mar 17 12:21:58 UTC 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back.

On 17/3/21 8:22 pm, Francis Daly wrote:

> Alternatively: if you were to reverse-proxy the MediaWiki instance at
> docs.domain.com/embed/, then you could potentially set a cookie on
> docs.domain.com, and require that a suitable cookie is present for any
> requests to docs.domain.com/embed/.
> That might be the closest to what you want?

Is this all possible through a nginx config? If so, are there some 
examples you could point me to?

Or do you know if I'd have to get Mediawiki modified to do something 
like this?

> Maybe you could allow unrestricted access to the "here is how to reset
> your password" information, and require a password for everything else?

This is also possible, but again, it would be good to do a lockdown in 
some way other than requiring the user to enter a password...


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