Upstream Connectivity Availability Tweaks and questions

daniel.senior nginx-forum at
Fri May 7 19:31:59 UTC 2021

Having an issue during high traffic will get errors in the log with 502, and
get these errors--"no live upstreams while connecting to upstream"

In my configs it is set to 5 max fails, default of 10s fail time.

1.  Does it try the same session within those 10s--every 2 seconds?  If I
made it 20 seconds would it try every 4 seconds?
2. If another session fails, is it cumulative in that 10s or is it for each
3. If the server is marked unavailable; what about the current sessions?

4. What would be a better solution?  Extending the fail time? Lessening the
fail time and less attempts?  

Thank you

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