How to spawn fastcgi c++ app on windows?

hkaroly nginx-forum at
Tue May 18 11:02:08 UTC 2021

I followed to
create a C++ fastcgi server app together with nginx. On linux is working

On Windows 10 however the server process is started by spawn-fcgi but later
the FCGI_Accept_r() will return with an "Unkown listenType" internal error.
I have the suspicion that spawn-fcgi is broken on Windows since the very
same c++ build is working fine with apache. In case of apache there is no
need to use spawn-fcgi , it can spawn the fastcgi process by it's own. I
think spawn-fcgi is not forwarding the standard input/output and the
standard error. 

I used Cygwin to build spawn-fcgi on windows.

Is there an alternative to spawn-fcgi on windows ?

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