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Amila Gunathilaka amila.kdam at
Tue May 25 16:17:47 UTC 2021

Dear Francis,

I'm sorry for taking time to reply to this,  you were so keen about my
problem. Thank you.

Actually my problem was when sending *response *to the load balancer from
the nginx ( not the request, it should be corrected as the *response *in my
previous email).
Such as my external load balancer is always doing a health check for my
nginx port (80) , below is the *response *message in the
 /var/log/nginx/access.log  against the health check request coming from
the external-loadbalancer.

[image: image.png]

Below is my nginx config file I use for bypass traffic coming from external
load-balancer into the nginx port (80) and for bypass that traffic into my
app running in the same server (same server as nginx running)  as a
container (app port 9091) .

server {
    listen       80;
    error_page 405 =200 $uri;
    location / {
        error_page 405 =200 $uri;
        auth_basic "PROMETHEUS PUSHGATEWAY Login Area";
        auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.htpasswd;

Please contact me for more information if you need.  I believe I can
overcome this 405 http header response issue in the nginx config file ?



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> On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 07:29:20AM +0530, Amila Gunathilaka wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm not entirely sure what your setup is, so I will describe what I
> think you have; please correct me where I am wrong.
> > I have nginx installed on my linux host and* listen on http port 80* and
> I
> > want to bypass external traffic coming from external load balancer
> > (up-stream server) into my *nginx reverse proxy server (80 port) *and
> want
> > to bypass that http traffic into y application running in a docker
> > container (application host port 9091),
> I think you have "the client" (which is "the user with the web browser");
> which makes a http request to "the external load balancer". That talks to
> your nginx, which expects a proxy_protocol-then-http request. And nginx
> makes a http request to "the container application", on
> > But my nginx configuration file didn't work as it always says *405 method
> > not allowed* error when request passing from nginx into the external load
> > balancer (up-stream server).
> In nginx terms, in the setup I have described above, "upstream" is "the
> container application", not the external load balancer. That won't affect
> the problem, but might help searching the web for help.
> So -- can you show an example request that does not give the response
> that you want?
> Some thing like
>   curl -v http://load-balancer/whatever
> will probably be helpful as a start. Feel free to remove any names or
> addresses that you consider private, before pasting the response.
> Right now, it is not clear to me if the 405 is coming from the load
> balancer, from nginx, or from the container application. The fix will
> likely be different in each case.
> Possibly the logs from each of the servers will indicate how far things
> get, and where they first fail. You might spot something obvious in there,
> if you can easily find them.
> Good luck with it,
>         f
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