How to do a large buffer size > 64k uWSGI requests with Nginx proxy | uwsgi request is too big with nginx

Rai Mohammed nginx-forum at
Fri May 28 01:59:13 UTC 2021

Yes I have searched the request that generates this big size header, and
it's a Get URI 
pulling all the features installed and requested by the user of the ERP.

Before I integrate the uWSGI layer, the stack deployment with Nginx KTLS
HTTP2 works perfectly and there's 
no problem of buffer sizing.
The reason why I added the uWSGI layer, is for using the uwsgi-socket binary
protocol, and it work fine and very fast 
decreasing the time load for the principal web page. 
So for now I have to switch to the http-socket protocol and configuring
I hope in the future Nginx will allow using the huge headers sizing.

Thanks for your reply and clarifications.

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