nginx proxy pass only works for root location

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On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 05:51:08AM -0500, gunitinug wrote:

> Hello. I posted a question:

First of all you may want to define "won't work".  What exactly 
happens, what goes wrong?

Note that in general there are no problems with proxying in nginx: 
it will happily get a request from the client and pass it the 
backend server, and will return the response from the backend 
server to the client.

But proxying, especially if you are trying to proxy with changed 
URI, might result in incorrect resulting page if your backend 
server uses absolute links in responses.  Or your backend server 
might not like the request coming from nginx and will try to 
redirect the client.

Most common issue which happens when proxying is wrong URLs in 
redirections returned by the backend server.  This is something 
nginx is usually able to fix itself with the default settings of 
the proxy_redirect directive.  In complex cases some adjustment 
might be needed though (see for 

Another common issue is wrong links in the HTML pages 
returned.  In some cases these can be fixed with sub_filter 
(, but usually a better idea is to 
configure your backend server to return correct links instead.

Maxim Dounin

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