Clarification on Nginx Unit ASGI

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Thu Oct 21 05:54:05 UTC 2021

I asked After Nginx Unit, Do we still need ASGI like Uvicorn, Hypercorn,
Daphne etc <>

There one comment confused me. The comment says:

nginx unit is an ASGI compliant server; you're replacing
> uvicorn/hypercorn/daphne/etc. with nginx unit instead. It's a choice you
> make just like you'd make using either of those three or other alternatives.

I am not understanding what it means. Does it mean, I have to install both
nginx and nginx unit where nginx unit is the replacement for uvicorn /
hypercorn / daphne etc. Or, nginx unit alone can do what nginx + uvicorn /
hypercorn / daphne etc. does.

I asked the same question on FastAPI
github repo
There one part of the answer is unclear to me.

> But, but, you will probably need https anyway, I personally prefer some
> proxy, I didn't even try Nginx Unit "way" of applying tls but there is one
> apparently. Nginx Ingress, traefik for k8s, nginx proxy manager for swarm,
> alone traefik docker image or full nginx, probably tens of other solutions.
What I understood is I need to do few more things after installing nginx
unit. However, the above quote is not clear to me. Can anyone please
explain what he meant by it. And do I need to install other stuff after
installing nginx unit?

*Thanks and Best Regards,Ahmad Ismail*
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