Dmitry Volyntsev xeioex at nginx.com
Tue Aug 30 23:00:50 UTC 2022


I'm glad to announce a new release of NGINX JavaScript module (njs).

Notable new features:
  - advances fs API:
     New API allows to open a file and read from and write to at
     specified location without reading the whole file.

     import fs from 'fs';

     async function modifying_large_file() {
         let fh = await fs.promises.open('/my/path');

         let buf = Buffer.alloc(4);

         await fh.read(buf, 0, 4, 64);

         console.log(`read ${buf.toString('hex')}`);

         // modify part
         buf[0] = buf[0] ^ buf[3];

         await fh.write(buf, 0, 4, 64);

         console.log(`written ${buf.toString('hex')}`);

         await fh.close();

Learn more about njs:

- Overview and introduction: https://nginx.org/en/docs/njs/
- NGINX JavaScript in Your Web Server Configuration:
- Extending NGINX with Custom Code: https://youtu.be/0CVhq4AUU7M
- Using node modules with njs:
- Writing njs code using TypeScript definition files:

Feel free to try it and give us feedback on:

- Github: https://github.com/nginx/njs/issues
- Mailing list: https://mailman.nginx.org/mailman/listinfo/nginx-devel

Additional examples and howtos can be found here:

- Github: https://github.com/nginx/njs-examples

Changes with njs 0.7.7                                     30 Aug 2022

     nginx modules:

     *) Feature: the number of nginx configuration contexts where
        js directives can be specified is extended.

        HTTP: js_import, js_path, js_set and js_var are allowed
        in server and location contexts. js_content, js_body_filter
        and js_header_filter are allowed in 'if' context.

        Stream: js_import, js_path, js_set and js_var are allowed
        in server context.

     *) Feature: added r.internal property.

     *) Bugfix: fixed reading response body in fetch API.

     *) Bugfix: fixed "js_fetch_timeout" in stream module.

     *) Bugfix: fixed socket leak with 0 fetch timeout.


     *) Feature: extended "fs" module.  Added fs.openSync(),
        fs.promises.open(), fs.fstatSync(), fs.readSync(),

        The following properties of FileHandle are implemented:
        fd, read(), stat(), write(), close().

     *) Bugfix: fixed parseInt(), parseFloat(), Symbol.for()
        with no arguments.

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