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Vishwas Bm bmvishwas at
Sat Dec 10 06:33:04 UTC 2022


I am using nginx 1.22.1 and for some requests from client, I am seeing
below 400 bad request errors.

Below are some error messages:

"log":{"message":"225#225: *8413018 client sent invalid method while
reading client pipelined request line, client:, server: _,
request: 'ocality': 'ny','mode': 'proactive','type': 'HSS','service':
{'type': 'str','kspaces': [],'prtl': 'nds','traffic_type':

{"[ocality\x22: \x22NY\x22,\x22mode\x22: \x22proactive\x22,\x22type\x22:
\x22TSS\x22,\x22service\x22: {\x22type\x22:
\x22storage\x22,\x22keyspaces\x22: [],\x22protocol\x22:
400 150 [-] [-] 0 10.577 [] - - - - b1d1932b3a43ced62c2ebfa80d435092"}}

Is there any way to decode this or Is the garbled data itself causing nginx
to say 400 errors ?
Can someone help me with this ?

*Thanks & Regards,*

*Vishwas *
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