Trying to confirm syntax of CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE environment variable

David Karr davidmichaelkarr at
Sat Dec 3 18:07:51 UTC 2022

 (Sorry if this is a dup. I sent this originally before my subscription was

I was told that v1.22 of nginx will look for a CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE
environment variable to configure the "client_max_body_size" configuration
property.  I'm having trouble finding a clear statement of what the
required syntax is for that.

The documentation for the configuration property, at
, simply uses "m" as an example, but it doesn't actually say anything about
what the required syntax is.  Does it only allow "m", or does it check for
"M" or other variations?

Similarly, is the required syntax for the environment variable the same?
Is it really v1.22 that will check for that environment variable?
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