NGINX load balancing - Proxy

Carlos Renato crenatovb at
Tue Feb 15 02:08:53 UTC 2022

Hey guys,

Can someone help me? I'm using NGINX to direct connections to two Proxy

I did a simple setup.

upstream webgateway {

server {
   listen 81;
   server_name proxy.lab.local;

   location / {
          proxy_pass http://webgateway;

NGINX is listening on port 81.

If I configure the proxy IP in the browser, the client "goes out" to the

Browser: or - Its Ok!

If I configure the NGINX IP in the browser, the client "does not go out" to
the internet.

Browser: - No!

The packet even arrives at the proxy, but the browser tries to load ""

Can someone help me? Thanks.

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