django app static files on the different server not get loaded

Francis Daly francis at
Mon Jan 3 10:52:48 UTC 2022

On Sun, Jan 02, 2022 at 04:26:40PM -0500, ningja wrote:

Hi there,

> The issue is I need to configure nginx1 to allow people to access app2 from
> the public internet. The config file I post here is from test1 server.  
> With this config I can access app2 html pages from the internet (just what I
> wanted) but the page did NOT try load the static files from
> instead it try to load the static from 
>   How can I have the nginx to look app2's static
> files under

You need your nginx to know that a request for /static/img/for-app1.jpg
should be handled by reading from the local filesystem; and that a request
for /static/img/for-app2.jpg should be handled by doing a proxy_pass

There is no (reliable) part of the request that nginx gets, that will
let nginx know that this request "came from" app1 while that request
"came from" app2. The only thing you have is the url.

If you want to keep both sets of images under the url prefix /static/, and
you are unable to write a "location" pattern that will match all-and-only
the images from one of the apps, then you probably need to enumerate
the urls that correspond to one of the apps.

One possible way to do this could be to keep your "location /static/"
reading from the local filesystem (so: defaults to app1); and add a set
of other locations of the form

  location = /static/img/logo-2.jpg { proxy_pass; }

I suspect it would be simpler if the app2-static files were below
"/static2/", or below "/app2/static/"; but it's your system and you get
to choose how to set it up.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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