How to add lua support into latest nginx version

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Mon Jan 3 22:29:29 UTC 2022

The Lua module is a third party module, part of the Open Resty variant of nginx.  It will not be in the repos and only in the OpenResty nginx repos unless you compile it and its dependencies alongside nginx directly.  (not including libs that get installed via apt or packages, I mean - but actual other module dependencies to be compiled in to make things work proper)

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Subject: How to add lua support into latest nginx version

OS: Linux, distribution: Debian (buster)

Currently, we using nginx:1.14.2, and to support Lua we are using
libnginx-mod-http-lua:1.14.2 package.

We are working on upgrading Nginx to nginx:1.21.0 version, but I'm unable to
find the compatible libnginx-mod-http-lua package. Can someone please help
me to find compatible version.

The only alternate way I'm able to find is using lua-nginx-module
( (it recommend to directly
use openresty). Is there no other way to resolve this?

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