OCSP, client certificate verification with chained CA

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ok that makes sense.
Thank you for the feedback.

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On Wed, Jan 05, 2022 at 03:33:29PM +0000, Marti, Ueli (Marin) wrote:

> Ok, good point thanks.
> However, it seems nginx accepts only one ssl_ocsp_responder instance.
> Or is there a syntax to specify multiple instances ?
> So this would need to be solved on the responder side which would need
> to be able to handle multiple CAs. Openssl ocsp doesn't seem to
> support that.
> Any chance for nginx to support multiple ssl_ocsp_responder instances
> in the future ?

Normally you shouldn't use ssl_ocsp_responder responder at all:
instead, certificate's Authority Information Access (AIA) extension is used to obtain appropriate OCSP responder address.

The ssl_ocsp_responder directive is something to be used to manually override information from AIA extension, either for testing or for complex configurations when you want to redefine OCSP server address for some reason.  If you do this, you can distinguish OCSP requests to different certificates based on the information in the requests, such as issuer name and issuer key hashes.  If the OCSP responder you use is not capable of doing this, consider removing the ssl_ocsp_responder directive, so nginx will use the AIA extension instead.

(Note well that using OpenSSL's builtin OCSP responder for anything but tests might not be a good idea.)

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