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> > Anyone?
> Since the questions are quite general (like the upper limits are usually
> hardware bound so the performance numbers vary based on that) maybe reading
> these blog posts can give some insight:

I don't view the test described as valid because the test is between one
client and one server.  I'm interested in testing with one server and many

The reason I'm asking is because I developed a epoll based client that
connects to many servers and the performance was not impressive when over
1024 concurrent connections was reached. See this question on stackoverflow
for more details
In contrast, when I test with wrk which is also epoll based and creates
many concurrent connections from one client to one server the performance
is markedly improved.

This is why I'm interested in Nginx performance with many clients. I want
to see if there is a buy in my epoll based client that is limiting
performance. If Nginx performs well with multiple clients over 1024 clients
then that would seem to indicate there is a bug in my epoll based client.

James Read

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