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> > I don't view the test described as valid because the test is between one
> client and one server.  I'm interested in testing with one server and many
> clients.
> wrk (used in the tests) [1] is a multithread/connection benchmark tool.
> You can simulate how many clients you want (basically you are just limited
> by ephemeral port tuple count ~65k .. but then again can work around it by
> assigning multiple IPs to the server/client).
Yes. I've used wrk in my own tests. It's a very good tool. The problem is I
don't think wrk really can simulate communication from many clients. There
is something different between simulating many clients with one real client
and actually testing with many real different clients. I can't put my
finger on what the difference is. But there must be a difference. Otherwise
why is my application running into such performance limits as mentioned in
this question on stackoverflow

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