Is it possible to configure socket connection(not web) in Nginx reverse proxy server

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Mon Jun 27 04:47:04 UTC 2022

Hi all, I have a CLI client and server written in Go Currently, they are
communicating via a socket connection and it's a server streaming connection
Now I want to have an Nginx proxy between these two

Is it possible to configure the normal socket connection in Nginx? How do
that, and what all code changes & configuration changes I need to do

There's not much on the internet on this on socket connection in Nginx I was
wondering if it's possible or not

//my client code:
func getStreammessages() {
	connection, err := net.Dial("tcp", "")
	_, err = connection.Write([]byte(sendIDtoServertoGetStream))
	for {
		mLen, err := connection.Read(buffer)
		//some logic to print the message stream

//my server code:
func StartStreamServer() {
	server, err := net.Listen("tcp", "")
	defer server.Close()
	for {
		connection, err := server.Accept()
		go registerClient(connection)
func registerClient(connection net.Conn) {
	buffer := make([]byte, 1024)
	mLen, err := connection.Read(buffer)
	var sendIDtoServertoGetStream message
	err = json.Unmarshal(buffer[:mLen], &sendIDtoServertoGetStream)

//strem to client from message queue
func StreamMessageToCliCLient(connection net.Conn) {
	_, err = connection.Write(messageString)
Have anyone done this before

currently, I am doing this in my Nginx (nginx.conf file) which is running in
the same VM as my server

stream {      
    server {
        auth_basic  off;
        proxy_ssl off;
        listen     80;
        #TCP traffic will be forwarded to the proxy_pass  #proxy_pass;

I want to open Port 80 and Internally proxy pass to my server,
currently getting 400 status code, when I do this, and its not passing my
request to my server
 Can you pls help Thank you

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