Migrating from PHP-FPM to Nginx Unit: worth it?

Jore community at thoughtmaybe.com
Sun Jun 5 11:18:31 UTC 2022

Hi there

I'm interested in this question too if anyone has any pointers.


On 25/5/22 02:20, petecooper wrote:
> I run a fleet of small- to medium-scale web apps on PHP, and I'm comfortable
> compiling Nginx + PHP to to optimise for my needs. Until now, I've used
> PHP-FPM exclusively. I have read about performance improvements with Nginx
> Unit as far as PHP is concerned. This interests me, and I have time
> available to learn.
> My question - for anyone who's gone from PHP-FPM to Unit…was it worth it?
> What advice would you give?
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