Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Tue Jun 21 17:03:05 UTC 2022

Changes with nginx 1.23.0                                        21 Jun 2022

    *) Change in internal API: now header lines are represented as linked

    *) Change: now nginx combines arbitrary header lines with identical
       names when sending to FastCGI, SCGI, and uwsgi backends, in the
       $r->header_in() method of the ngx_http_perl_module, and during lookup
       of the "$http_...", "$sent_http_...", "$sent_trailer_...",
       "$upstream_http_...", and "$upstream_trailer_..." variables.

    *) Bugfix: if there were multiple "Vary" header lines in the backend
       response, nginx only used the last of them when caching.

    *) Bugfix: if there were multiple "WWW-Authenticate" header lines in the
       backend response and errors with code 401 were intercepted or the
       "auth_request" directive was used, nginx only sent the first of the
       header lines to the client.

    *) Change: the logging level of the "application data after close
       notify" SSL errors has been lowered from "crit" to "info".

    *) Bugfix: connections might hang if nginx was built on Linux 2.6.17 or
       newer, but was used on systems without EPOLLRDHUP support, notably
       with epoll emulation layers; the bug had appeared in 1.17.5.
       Thanks to Marcus Ball.

    *) Bugfix: nginx did not cache the response if the "Expires" response
       header line disabled caching, but following "Cache-Control" header
       line enabled caching.

Maxim Dounin

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