Nginx reverse proxy gzip for json payload

Sergey A. Osokin osa at
Thu May 26 16:48:54 UTC 2022


On Wed, May 25, 2022 at 01:43:07PM -0400, blason wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I currently have IIS server and I am planning to put reverse proxy server in
> front of that IIS server. Since this IIS server carries a huge request in
> every request that is around 40-50 Mb of data is being uploaded at every
> transaction I need to enable gzip on for the server. However I see only 
> html/text files can be gzipped and if any specific other data needs to be
> gzipped then needs to be defined.

Could you try to use the following directive:

gzip_types *;

as it's mentioned in the ngx_http_gzip module documentation,

Sergey A. Osokin

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