NGINX 1.21.x EOL?

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Tue Oct 18 14:48:44 UTC 2022

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Hi there,

I don't speak for nginx-the-company, or for nginx-the-software.

But from knowing some of the history...

> I don't see 1.21.6 available for Download. Is it already End Of Life? nginx: download<>

I don't see any 1.odd-number versions on that page, other than the
most recent.

1.odd-number is the "mainline/development" version. Generally, if you
are using it, you should be tracking updates yourself.

You can find all of the tagged versions by following the "Source Code"
links further down the page. Simplest is probably to go the read-only
code repository and click "tags", to get to

> I don't see any update on NGINX webpage. Could anyone please share the announcement link from NGINX that says 1.21.x no more supported. Or any other reference.

What would you like "supported" to mean?

What it actually means is described at

The licence is at

If you've got a problem with using the code, this list is as good a
place as any to ask questions and generally help out; and someone will
probably respond at some point.

But realistically, problems with an older development version are likely
to be most quickly addressed by using a current development version.

Of course, if the same problem can be shown in whatever version someone
is using, there is a better chance that they'll be able to see if a
config change can address the problem.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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