Nginx returning 401

Sergey A. Osokin osa at
Wed Sep 21 13:35:01 UTC 2022

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On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 06:15:25AM -0400, suryamohan05 wrote:
> We are using nginx as reverse proxy in our project. When connecting to cloud
> server, Nginx returns 401 and then 200.
> But when connecting to on premise server it is returning 401.
> In debug logs we are seeing SSL_get_error: 5 , SSL_get_error: 2
> SSL_get_error: -1. what does this SSL_get_error return type mean...
> Is there anyway to find the cause of this issue.

Please keep patience and do not send multiple emails or open multiple threads
on the forum with the same topic.  Thank you.

This question has been answered by Maxim Dounin in a separate thread,

Sergey A. Osokin

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