Load balancing with custom configuration fields

Devashi Tandon devashi.tandon at appsentinels.ai
Thu Sep 22 12:28:04 UTC 2022


We have a custom configuration for a private server defined as:

ext_private_server http://private-server:8050;

under the server block. This configuration is parsed by our custom nginx module, and then we create a socket to send packets to the server port.

We were wondering if we can somehow use the upstream load balancing of NGINX with this custom configuration, or will we have to define our own load balancing logic in our nginx module?

Could we do something similar to:

ext_private_server http://load-balancer;

and then:

upstream load-balancer {
      server http://private-server1:8050;
      server http://private-server2:8050;

Is there some API hook that we could call in our module to use the NGINX's load balancing and make the above configuration work?


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