Maxim Konovalov maxim at
Tue May 23 16:37:30 UTC 2023

On 23.05.2023 09:32, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> Changes with nginx 1.25.0                                        23 May 2023
>      *) Feature: experimental HTTP/3 support.
Oh, wow.  It took almost three years to reach this significant milestone.

We went through several severe technical and non-technical challenges 
but still managed to complete it.

I have no doubts that QUIC and HTTP/3 support in nginx will still 
require significant resources to maintain and extend in the future, but 
now want to congratulate all of the people involved: Sergey Kandaurov, 
Roman Arutyunyan, Vladimir Khomutov who are the primary authors of the 
code, Maxim Dounin, who have been helping with the architecture and code 
reviews and many other individuals and companies who helped us to make 
it happen.

I am very proud of you.


Maxim Konovalov

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