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Sun Sep 3 23:04:39 UTC 2023

On Sun, Sep 03, 2023 at 08:05:37AM -0400, Saint Michael wrote:

Hi there,

> The question is: if this is a full reverse proxy, and all requests come
> from my NGINX server,

I suspect that the answer is "they don't".

Dailymotion seems to be a video hosting site with a business model based
around allowing certain web sites to link to embedded videos.

You seem to want to link to embedded videos, without being one of those
"certain sites".

The simplest way to avoid the issue is probably for you to agree terms
with the video hosting site, so that your site is allowed to embed links
to all-or-some of their videos.

> Is there something else that I am missing in the code so 100% of requests
> that hit Dailymotion seem to come from the NGNX machine?

It's not immediately clear to me why the requests should come from
your nginx server. That would seem to miss the point of "outsourcing"
the bandwidth requirements for video delivery away from your server --
which is presumably the purpose of using a video hosting site in the
first place.

If I were running a video-hosting web site based on allowing some sites
to link to my videos, and not allowing others, then I would probably
try to come up with a sophisticated mechanism to ensure that as many as
possible "should be blocked" sources are blocked, while allowing every
"should be allowed" source. And probably one of the very first checks
I would do would be around the Referer header sent in the request -- if
the client tells me that it is coming from a "should be blocked" source,
I would probably believe it without needing to do any more sophisticated
checking for this request.


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