module which handles POST request help (Maxim Dounin)

Ben Mesander bmesander at
Tue Sep 19 22:21:58 UTC 2023

Hi Maxim,

  Thank you for your helpful response! I have made (partial) changes to my
code to reflect your comments. I better understand the phase mechanism now,
thank you.

> If you actually want to handle such requests yourself,
> consider instead using a content handler.  In a content handler
> request finalization happens automatically, and there is no need
> to recover phase processing, so reading the request body is more
> or less trivial.  An example code can be seen in the development
> guide:

   I think in this case I definitely want to use a content handler. I will
point out one item I found confusing is the example cited doesn't show how
to hook up the phase handler to nginx - it will never be called. I am
looking at other modules in order to understand how this is done.

Best Regards,
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