HTTP status 500 when using Nginx with Jenkins

Francis Daly francis at
Thu Sep 7 19:22:21 UTC 2023

On Wed, Sep 06, 2023 at 03:15:11PM +0000, David Aldrich wrote:

Hi there,

> In the failure condition, the browser (Edge) shows (in Developer Tools Console):
>         POST https://jenkins-temptest.<snip>/pipeline-syntax/generateSnippet 500
> I don't know how to access the contents of the 500 reply.

The Console can show the Response on the Network tab, if you select
this request.

But: 500 is the generic "something went wrong" message. If it was
generated by nginx, there should be something in the nginx error_log
about it.

If it was generated by Jenkins and passed through nginx, there should
be something in the Jenkins-equivalent.

> Is anything obviously wrong with these?

Nothing stands out as being "clearly incorrect"; so checking the logs
(and maybe increasing the log level before trying again, if the message
was generated by nginx) is probably the most useful next step.

Good luck with it,

Francis Daly        francis at

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