NGINX JavaScript (njs) has migrated to Github

Dmitry Volyntsev xeioex at
Wed Jun 5 23:04:02 UTC 2024


This week we took the next step in our commitment to the Open Source
community by moving the official njs code repository to GitHub

As part of the move, we have revamped our testing infrastructure and added
clearer guidelines around installation, building, and contributing source
code. We believe these changes will serve two purposes:

1. Modernize njs by creating a single place for the community to
contribute, ask questions, and provide feedback.

2. Underscore our commitment to openness, consistency, transparency,
and fairness in our acceptance of contributions.

Importantly, these changes do not impact core njs source code,
functionality, or license in any way. They simply do a better job at
codifying existing guidelines, while providing a modern approach for
managing the project and community.

Please refer to the following files for more details:

Provides basic information on what NJS is, how it is used (including links
to sample code & projects), installing, debugging, building from source,

Provides clear guidelines for asking questions, suggesting improvements,
and contributing code. You will also find our code and git style guides

Our pledge, policies, and guidelines for community etiquette, along with
enforcement procedures.

Our security policy, including what constitutes a security concern and
procedures for reporting vulnerabilities.

A list of all support resources available to the community.

For additional information on F5 NGINX’s commitment to our Open Source
projects and communities, please see:

We look forward to your feedback, questions, and contributions as we work
together to make njs even faster, more powerful, and feature-rich!

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