work queues in event engine

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Sat Sep 30 08:38:14 UTC 2017

   Why there are many work queues in event engine? And what for respectively?

    nxt_work_queue_cache_t     work_queue_cache;
    nxt_work_queue_t           *current_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           fast_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           accept_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           read_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           socket_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           connect_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           write_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           shutdown_work_queue;
    nxt_work_queue_t           close_work_queue;

    nxt_locked_work_queue_t    locked_work_queue;

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