owner of the control socket

John Gruber john.t.gruber at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 18:47:21 UTC 2019

I'm attempting to proxy_pass secured access to the unit control socket from
an nginx instance running as my distro default nginx user. The unit control
socket is owned and restricted to 'root' access. Therefore I get a 502
error from my requests to the nginx listener. If I chmod the control socket
to nginx:nginx (the same user I run unitd and nginx), my proxy_pass secured
access works.

Can anyone tell me how to get unitd to create the control socket as its
configured user and group?

For example:

unitd --user nginx --group nginx

would then create my control socket owned by nginx:nginx?

I would really rather not wrap a shell script around my instance so that I
run chown every time unitd runs.
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