Errors in Unit logs and CPU 100%

Peter TKATCHENKO peter at
Wed May 22 15:00:53 UTC 2019


I'm using Unit to publish a PHP application (NextCloud). I am on FreeBSD 
11.2 (jailed), I use PHP 7.2 from packages. There is an NGINX server as 

When I check Unit logs I see many records like this:

2019/05/16 12:44:39 [info] 88085#101952 *73260 shutdown(177, 2) failed 
(57: Socket is not connected)

And sometimes like this:

2019/05/16 12:53:39 [alert] 88085#101951 *74551 socket close(177) failed 
(54: Connection reset by peer)

The application seems to work correctly, but I would like to understand 
the cause of these errors, probably I need to tune something?

Another problem is more important. Sometimes (once a week) 'unit: 
router' process begins to consume 100% of 4 VCPU (!!), it takes about 15 
minutes to grow the CPU usage, and finish by blocking completely the 
application ('bad gateway' error on nginx). Restart of unitd service 
solves the problem. I see many errors of the first type in logs at this 
moment, but nothing more interesting.

Best regards,

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