Errors in Unit logs and CPU 100%

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Wed May 22 20:03:00 UTC 2019


Thanks for this information.

I had my monitoring active during the last incident.

It shows that the CPU was growing up during 20 minutes approximately 
(from 20% to 100%). In the same time I can see physical RAM usage 
growing up (from 30% to 60%), disk I/O were stable, far from critical 
levels, network traffic began to grow up when the CPU reached 100%. I'm 
in a private cloud, we are not limited neither in RAM I/O nor in HDD 
I/O. So I still don't understand how can I improve the situation.

Best regards,


On 22/05/2019 21:10, Travis Warlick via unit wrote:
> I am seeing the same log entries and have experienced a very similar 
> consumption problem about once a month.  At the onset of the problem, 
> there is a short spike in CPU usage, then the CPU usage goes to nearly 
> 0, but the load-average stays near 2x the number of VCPUs.  After 
> about 20~30 minutes, the server becomes completely unresponsive, and 
> I'm forced to reboot via the AWS console.  Some painfully obtained 
> observations indicated that all available network and file resources 
> were being consumed at this point.  After a couple occurrences, I 
> noticed in AWS CloudWatch metrics that the EFS volume (Elastic File 
> System, i.e. basically NFS) spiked to 100% throughput at nearly the 
> same time as the short spike in CPU usage and stayed there.  My 
> solution was to increase the volume's provisioned throughput to 10 
> Mbps, and I have not experienced the issue since, although I am still 
> seeing the log entries you mention.  My conclusion is that nginx unit 
> was consuming massive amounts of network and file system resources and 
> "choking" the server.  This is obviously not a long-term solution, 
> though, as there's no reason for such a massive amount of EFS volume 
> throughput for a Wordpress application.
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> On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 11:01 AM Peter TKATCHENKO <peter at 
> <mailto:peter at>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I'm using Unit to publish a PHP application (NextCloud). I am on
>     FreeBSD 11.2 (jailed), I use PHP 7.2 from packages. There is an
>     NGINX server as front-end.
>     When I check Unit logs I see many records like this:
>     2019/05/16 12:44:39 [info] 88085#101952 *73260 shutdown(177, 2)
>     failed (57: Socket is not connected)
>     And sometimes like this:
>     2019/05/16 12:53:39 [alert] 88085#101951 *74551 socket close(177)
>     failed (54: Connection reset by peer)
>     The application seems to work correctly, but I would like to
>     understand the cause of these errors, probably I need to tune
>     something?
>     Another problem is more important. Sometimes (once a week) 'unit:
>     router' process begins to consume 100% of 4 VCPU (!!), it takes
>     about 15 minutes to grow the CPU usage, and finish by blocking
>     completely the application ('bad gateway' error on nginx). Restart
>     of unitd service solves the problem. I see many errors of the
>     first type in logs at this moment, but nothing more interesting.
>     Best regards,
>     Peter TKATCHENKO
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