Is this possible with NGINX Unit with PHP?

James Stine leon.blade at
Sun Sep 8 06:02:03 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

This is my first time using one of these mailing lists, I apologize if I'm
doing something wrong ahead of time.  Thank you for understanding.

My question is about NGINX Unit with PHP for a specific server
configuration, namely with routing.  My environment is something like this:

I have a wordpress path in "/var/www/wordpress" that I want to be setup on
the root of my domain like this "".  Along with that, I
want another app such as "phpMyAdmin" which is located at
"/var/www/phpMyAdmin".  I want this to be off the same server
configuration, but to be ran from the domain like this "".

The server just tries to request a path like this:
"/var/www/phpMyAdmin/pma" where the "pma" is coming from the URI.

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