change of polling engine

Juraj Lutter juraj at
Wed Dec 9 12:43:05 UTC 2020

> On 9 Dec 2020, at 11:46, Valentin V. Bartenev <vbart at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think it would be better to find out what's wrong in case of epoll.
> Could you share a debug log with the issue?

Yes, I will.

> Note, that some time ago we finally dropped Solaris from our testing builds
> due to constantly increasing burden of maintaining its support.  So, I'm not
> sure that eventport code is still in a good shape and able to function well.

FWIW, illumos based distributions are very popular and
wide-spread (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, SmartOS, Tribblix, …), so I guess
it would be a pity to not have unit working.

Moreover, if it will run on SmartOS, for example, it could be included in pkgsrc,
as we test all packages on SmartOS, NetBSD, Linux, Darwin.

> Also, the issue can be irrelevant to the event method.

If you could give me some pointer how to debug this properly, I can do it. Or
I can provide an access to SmartOS zone where someone else could do it.



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