Update to documentation for hosting Wordpress on Unit behind Nginx reverse proxy? Any working examples with complete config?

Bill bill14653 at protonmail.com
Thu Jun 10 22:33:29 UTC 2021


This tutorial for putting Wordpress on Unit behind Nginx reverse-proxy

 Installing WordPress with NGINX Unit

was written back in 2018, before 'routes' etc were added to Unit.

This up to date documentation


doesn't address Reverse-proxying.

This doc

 NGINX Integration

talks about "Fronting Unit with NGINX" but then only gives an example of proxying the Unit Control API.

Is there a single document, showing complete configuration, for hosting Wordpress on Unit behind an Nginx Reverse-proxy that's up-to-date with latest version of Unit,


includes detail/example of putting it all in a subdirectory of the Nginx frontend?

So, for example,

    https://frontend.example.com/blog, on Nginx
    https://backend.example.com:10000, Wordpress on Unit


I've been trying for a long time to get it working with Wordpress on Nginx.
Couldn't get that to work and there's no documentation or support for that configuration afaict.
I did find other people's posts that tried and gave up on it too.

I found these articles for using Unit on the backend host instead.  Hoping to get an updated config them to do the full reverse proxy setup.


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