Unit 1.29.1 released

Timo Stark t.stark at f5.com
Tue Feb 28 21:50:33 UTC 2023

Hi, NGINX Unit community,

We are happy to announce Unit 1.29.1! This release is a bug fix release addressing
assorted bugs in PHP and Python app handling, NJS integration, and WebSockets.

Changes with Unit 1.29.1                                         28 Feb 2023

  *) Bugfix: stop creating world-writeable directories.
  *) Bugfix: memory leak related to NJS.
  *) Bugfix: path parsing in PHP applications.
  *) Bugfix: enabled UTF-8 for Python config by default to avoid
      applications failing in some cases.

  *) Bugfix: using asyncio.get_running_loop() instead of
      asyncio.get_event_loop() when it's available to prevent errors in
      some Python ASGI applications.

  *) Bugfix: applications that make use of various low level APIs such as
      pthreads could fail to work correctly.

  *) Bugfix: websocket endianness detection for obscure operating systems.

Wbr, Timo & the Unit team

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