Unit 1.30.0 released

Timo Stark t.stark at f5.com
Wed May 10 19:29:25 UTC 2023

Hi NGINX Unit community,

We are happy to announce Unit 1.30.0! This release brings a new level of
sophistication to Unit’s configuration and enhances logging controls.

*) Incoming URIs can now be rewritten as part of the routing process.

*) Configuration values can now be evaluated by referencing JavaScript
   modules and functions.

*) Each application can now write its diagnostic output to log files
   (or not at all).

*) The steps taken by the router can now be logged for diagnostic purposes.

Alongside 1.30.0, we are pleased to present Docker official Images for
NGINX Unit and the new OpenAPI specification for Unit’s control API.

To learn more, see our blog post about this release:

Changes with Unit 1.30.0                                         10 May 2023

*) Change: remove Unix domain listen sockets upon reconfiguration.

*) Feature: basic URI rewrite support.

*) Feature: NJS loadable modules support.

*) Feature: per-application logging.

*) Feature: conditional logging of route selection.

*) Feature: support the keys API on the request objects in NJS.

*) Feature: default values for 'make install' pathnames such as prefix;
   this allows to './configure && make && sudo make install'.

*) Feature: "server_version" setting to omit the version token from
   "Server" header field.

*) Bugfix: request header field values could be corrupted in some cases;
   the bug had appeared in 1.29.0.

*) Bugfix: PHP error handling (added missing 403 and 404 errors).

*) Bugfix: Perl applications crash on second responder call.

Wbr, Timo & the Unit team

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