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Ranier ranier at
Fri Jan 21 15:58:18 MSK 2011

Em 21/1/2011 07:56, Valery Kholodkov escreveu:
> Greetings!
> Nginx is growing, people are becoming more curious about it's internals.
> During the last 4 years I've been on a fantastic journey into 
> programming for Nginx, studying how things are working in this amazing 
> piece of software.
> Recently I realized that not many development manuals are around, not 
> all topics are covered in them, so I decided to set up a blog where I 
> can write about Nginx internals as I go.
> Please be welcomed. Nginx Guts blog:
> I started with basic things, I'll introduce more sophisticated things 
> later.
> And I hope that you'll enjoy reading it!
Hi Valery,
Great news!
Thank you for help with new user/developer like me.
I´m working with nginx has little time and I have a lot to learn.
But the most surprising is lack of core support for POST FIELDS?
With apache is easy get values of POST FIELDS, but still with nginx is 
necessary one or more modules!

I would get values of post fields inside a c module with core functions, 
but far from achieving...

Best regards,

Ranier Vilela

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