Optimizer Module - Looking for

Jens Bradler, E-Formation GmbH jbradler at eformation.de
Mon Jun 20 15:38:22 MSD 2011


After doing some researches I gave up using existing Nginx 
modules/solutions. Some of them are cool but none of them are going more 
than 30% of the way I'd like to go.

So I have to write an optimizer module by myself.

For my understanding an Optimizer Module must have:
     - html content optimization (remove/replace defined code, strip 
white spaces)
     - content negotiation cache (replace multiple CSS and JavaScript 
links of a html body with a single hash generated links; fetch linked 
files and pack them)
     - redirect optimization (replace defined 302 redirects with 301 
     - above mentioned definitions will be part of the Nginx 
configuration directives

and may have:
- pack CSS images into CSS files during content negotiation caching

I'm looking if someone else is interested in developing such an 
optimizer module.

Best regards

Jens Bradler

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