Optimizer Module - Looking for

Brian Pane brianp at brianp.net
Mon Jun 20 17:42:02 MSD 2011

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 4:38 AM, Jens Bradler, E-Formation GmbH
<jbradler at eformation.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> After doing some researches I gave up using existing Nginx
> modules/solutions. Some of them are cool but none of them are going more
> than 30% of the way I'd like to go.
> So I have to write an optimizer module by myself.
> For my understanding an Optimizer Module must have:
>    - html content optimization (remove/replace defined code, strip white
> spaces)
>    - content negotiation cache (replace multiple CSS and JavaScript links of
> a html body with a single hash generated links; fetch linked files and pack
> them)
>    - redirect optimization (replace defined 302 redirects with 301
> redirects)
>    - above mentioned definitions will be part of the Nginx configuration
> directives
> and may have:
> - pack CSS images into CSS files during content negotiation caching
> I'm looking if someone else is interested in developing such an optimizer
> module.

My old project Jitify (www.jitify.com) currently does the "html
content optimization" part.  It has a set of streaming parsers for
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which might be a useful foundation for
adding the "content negotiation cache."  There are a lot of
interesting optimizations you can do just by adding hyperlink
rewriting to the HTML and CSS optimization code: image inlining, for
example, or modification of image links to refer to a CDN or a
cookie-free domain.  It's unclear when or if I'll have an opportunity
to resume work on it, but the core code is available under the Apache
license, so feel free to reuse any of the code if it's helpful.


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